A Chronology of Appearances

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1975.03.01 Joni's next appearance 17th Annual Grammy Awards — Shrine Auditorium Los Angeles, CA

Joni and Tom Scott received the ‘Best Arrangement
Accompanying Vocalists’ Grammy for the song
“Down To You” from the Court And Spark album.

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singtothewind on

I believe the year was 1975 and I was a young intern at the famous Caribou Ranch. I had just been introduced to Joni's music. While at the ranch that summer everyone told me Joni would be arriving any day. They knew I was a new fan and a young fan. I happened to be working in the kitchen when I heard a voice ask "do you know where I could get a sandwich?" I had been looking out the window to see if I might spot Joni, and when I heard the voice I froze, as I swung around to face the voice it was Joni Mitchell. My young eyes could just be silent and take it all in. I think I stuttered. I also got to see Joni's paintings that were on display in the cabin where we cleaned that day. I will always remember the summer I was working at Caribou and Joni and the LA Express were there.