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This work-in-progress lists all currently known appearances, drawn from a variety of sources.
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1976.01.29 Joni's next appearance Pete Maravich Assembly Center, Louisiana State Univ. Baton Rouge, LA

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  • Ticket Stub
  • Photo from the 1976 GUMBO yearbook of the<br>
Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.<br>
Page 163
  • Photo from the 1976 GUMBO yearbook of the<br>
Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.<br>
Page 162
  • The GUMBO yearbook cover of the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in 1976. Inside there are two pages with photos of Joni's January 29th concert.

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jqw on

jqw: It was a Thursday Nite - I had to Skip Friday classes @ Louisiana Tech to be there .... Wouldn't have missed it for the world ...I was so in love (crushed really) - What I wanted to find out is: WHAT DOES JONI REALLY LOOK LIKE? - every picture reveals a different facet / look / impression of her depth/beauty, even today. We had really good seats, but I had to go down to the stage. At 6'1" the stage setup placed her feet right at eye level - about this time she mentioned something about Stephen Stills tuning her guitar or showing her how to tune her guitar to some 'open chords' or @$@($*)@*&$ I can't remember much else. I have been forever mesmerized/intrigued by her SPIRIT and ARTISTRY - even her BLUE nature, of which she comes by honestly. Long Live Joni Mitchell

p.s. pls quit smoking if you haven't already.

jstauffer on

Some fool asked her to play leader of the pack. She ignored it. This music was from "Hissing of summer lawns." I enjoyed it, but then I have a lot of bias. The concert was good.  [ed.]

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