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1983.03.27  St. James Theatre  Auckland, New Zealand

» This Concert is a part of the 1983 Wild Things Tour.

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catdam on 2010-Nov-05 at 22:17:41 GMT-5:
I always thought I saw Joni in Auckland in 1975 when I was pregnant with my son. Now I browse through here and find that it was actually 1983 and all my stories about my musician son having drunk of Joni's music in-utero have been exposed! My memories of this concert (apart from the date of course!!) are of an awesome musician with a fabulous voice and an enormous talent in all things musical. I have been a lifetime fan of Joni's and listen to her regularly. I have watched videos and documentaries, attended tribute concerts and would dearly love to hear her play and sing again. Thank you -you are a one off -Cate xx