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1983.07.03  Alpine Valley Music Theater  East Troy, WI

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Ad published in the Chicago Tribune
June 26, 1983; pg. L16

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vha on 2009-Sep-15 at 19:07:47 GMT-5:
My dream came true that night. I had my brother take the flowers I bought for her up to the stage with a card from me telling her how she and her music were what got me through life's trials and tribulations. And then there she was in all her glory. Just like I thought she'd be. A big storm brewed up suddenly and it got very windy and black clouds and lightning and thunder rolled. We thought for sure she and the band would leave the stage, but no. There was Joni - singing her brains out - wind blowing and her prowling the stage like a sleek animal. I was in tears with emotion. Truly a surrealistic night.....

Archival comments

Steve Polifka remembers: "Gloria, Terri and I were in Row M, just about center. We even brought binoculars, even though they were good seats. The concert was to start at 8, and she was late, so the three of us started chanting very loudly, "We want some solid love," for about 5 or six minutes, thinking how cool it was to be rowdy at a Joni concert- LOL. Soon I froze, and one of them asked me what was wrong, to which I responded, "There she is!" They asked me where, so I pointed out this blonde figure peaking out (stage right) of the curtain with an 8mm camera pointed right at us. I felt so foolish that I had to sit down! A few years later I was working at a video store, and got a prevue magazine which featured an article about her Refuge of the Roads video, and how she had interspersed concert footage with her own 8mm shots. I just about ****! I freaked, remembering that night, calling Gloria when I got home. Needless to say, I worried about nothing, having ended up on the cutting room floor..."