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1995.05.06 Joni's next appearance New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival New Orleans, LA

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  • Performing [photo by Perry Hoffman]
  • Joni arriving at the event [photo by Perry Hoffman]
  • Joni Performing On Stage.<br>Photo by David Redfern.
  • Joni Performing On Stage.<br>Photo by Robert Jr. Whitall.
  • Joni On Stage.<br>Photo by Robert Jr. Whitall.
  • Program page 50
  • Program.

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LaylaGordon on

I barely made it to the stage area and leaned up against the fence to listen to my favorite female vocalist/writer. I do recall Joni telling us stories between tunes. It was a special day and I still go back to it in my mind when I want to relax and feel good. I related to some of her stories regarding relationships, divorces, old loves and new loves. I wish Joni all the best -- I've gone through so many of her albums and CDs in my car (friends "borrow" them, but, hey, if "Joni therapy" works for them...feel free to "borrow" my CDs! I love you Joni...you are tops in my book!!

Medric on

This was a windy and hot afternoon in New Orleans. Little Feat was the lead act and we could see Joni waiting in the wings chatting, smoking and at times moving to the upbeat music. She waved back to us when spotted. The technicians were having trouble with her new guitar and it took some time to adjust after her introduction as she waited patiently on stage. At one point she stopped playing and complained of the whine she was hearing from the new guitar and they made technical adjustments to the VG-8. Another time she stepped into the guitar's computer brain as she moved to the music and it had to be pieced back together. I can't remember the full set list, but it was ripe with songs from Turbulent Indigo, Dog Eat Dog and Hejira. The clouds cooperated with quite a special effects show to illustrate the lines from Refuge of the Road. I remember Yvette in English, The Three Great Stimulants and Borderline as being especially nice to hear. The audience was responding well so Joni played well past her allocated time causing us to almost miss our shuttle connection back to the French Quarter. She seemed really touched at the appreciation and respect of the audience. A film crew was recording the event. It would be nice if this footage would surface somehow.   [ed.]  [ed.]

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