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1968.07.15 Joni's next appearance The Cellar Door Washington, DC

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  • Photo by Eric Mink
  • Photo by Eric Mink

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dsdaniels on

The Cellar Door was a favorite spot for us. This was the first time we saw Joni in concert. I will never forget it. We fell in love with her music and her charming personality. In later years we shared our love of her music with one of our granddaughters, a bond the 3 of us still have.

jlivelli on

I was working as a waiter at the Cellar Door while a student at Georgetown. Kris the manager told us about this new, incredible singer who would be coming soon. I remember Joni coming into the club with a box of her first US album, warmly giving us copies as we set up for her first show. She was so lovely and charming. Then, when she started performing, all alone on the small stage in that intimate setting, everyone was transfixed. Her beauty (in the deepest sense), sincerity, the songs so stunning both musically and lyrically...It was obvious that here was a true artist. I am so thankful for the unforgettable experience of seeing Joni perform that week in 1968.  [ed.]