Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1968.10.11  The Stone Balloon  New Haven, CT

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John Gurvitch writes:
I don't know the date, but feel it could be determined, perhaps. First, it was on the same night that Cream was playing at the "old" New Haven hockey rink. [ed: Cream played there on October 11, 1968]. It was in the basement of a one story building, brick/concrete, of the type specially created for a "super market" of the times (earlier), which I believe had gone bust.

It was a coffee house type place, and while we were visiting with Joni in the "dressing room", a family came in, from her home town, the wife had been or was the librarian in that town, and went to great lengths to "remind" Joni of an unreturned book, (long before Seinfeld!) They had two boys who were teenish and awkward.

We did go to hear Cream too that night, and Joni was sorry not to get to hear Eric Clapton & Co. I will say, when I listened to her that night, I was already somewhat familiar with her music, but sitting there watching and listening, I was surprised to find out what a great guitarist she was! I was young still, and hadn't gotten away from certain "innocent" male chauvinist rock propaganda modes yet.