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2013.06.19 Joni's next appearance Joni: A Portrait in Song - A Birthday Happening
Live at Massey Hall.
Toronto, ON

This concert tribute, was part of the 2013 Luminato Festival.
Performers included Rufus Wainwright, Glen Hansard,
Lizz Wright, Kathleen Edwards, Bill Frisell, Cold Specks
and Liam Titcomb. Joni recited a new poem and also
performed a short set at the end of the evening.

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  • Joni and Rufus Wainwright backstage

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Muse on

A celebration of love and admiration for Joni. Great performances - it was here I discovered Esmeralda Spalding and Rufus Wainwright. Joni performed at the end. A friend of mine called her "a musician's musician" because of the depth, artistry and intracacy of her compositions.