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1964 Joni's next appearance School Concert, College of Art and Design Calgary, AB

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  • Performing for students during lunch in the S.A.I.T. cafeteria.
  • Postcard issued by Canada Post in 2007 [JoniNumberOne]
  •  [JoniNumberOne]
  •  [JoniNumberOne]
  • Set of stamps (including Joni) issued by Canada Post in 2007 [JoniNumberOne]
  •  [JoniNumberOne]

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JoniNumberOne on

As an Electronics Technology student at SAIT, I do remember Joni performing in the cafeteria during lunch hours. Mostly she sang and played a ukulele, occasionally switching to a guitar. To the students listening to her she was just another "artsy" student from the College of Art with no musical credentials at the time. I don't think anyone had an inkling of what the future held for her. I will upload some rare photos of Joni from the yearbook within the next few days.

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