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1968.04.05 Joni's next appearance Clothier Hall, Swarthmore College Swarthmore, PA

John Fahey also performed at a concert the day after
the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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stillonline on

Ted Nugent claims to have played a memorial concert for Martin Luther King Jr. on this date. Wikipedia:
"On April 4, 1968, Nugent along with a group of musicians paid tribute to Martin Luther King by having a folk, rock and blues jam session. Joni Mitchell played first, followed by Buddy Guy and Jimi Hendrix. Other musicians who participated were BB King and Al Kooper.[7]"

I find this really hard to believe. Can anyone verify or discredit this account?

Luke on

What a great show , i walked there from my home at the time . April 68 sad time. Going to see John Fahey and Joni Mitchell was wonderful, a moment of truth in my life, came about that night. A moment of Change, became America. God Bless John Fahey , a master of the guitar, may he be at peace and rest . Joni another time you saved me from our collective sorrow . America in her Shame. A lot of us cried that night together with no one ( we thought ) to blame. LUKE