Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1970.10.16  PNE Coliseum  Vancouver, BC

Joni Mitchell, Phil Ochs, and the BC band Chilliwack performed at
a benefit concert for the Don't Make A Wave Committee, which
raised $17,000 for Greenpeace. James Taylor also appeared
as Joni's surprise guest.

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Co-founder Irving Stowe (far left) onstage with Joni and James Taylor. Photo by Allan Katowitz.
Co-founder Irving Stowe, James Taylor & Joni helped bring this cause to the public's attention. Photo by Robert Stowe.
Photo by George Diack, Vancouver Sun
photo: Alan Katowitz
Greenpeace Concert poster [DougSprenger]
James Taylor and Joni with fans backstage.
Photo by Alan Katowitz.
Dorothy Stowe holds-up an original Greenpeace T-shirt.
Joni and James Taylor backstage.
Photo by Alan Katowitz.
Greenpeace 2CD [thomas27]

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Set List
1.  Chelsea Morning
2.  Big Yellow Taxi/Bony Maroni
3.  Cactus Tree
4.  The Gallery
5.  Hunter
6.  My Old Man
7.  For Free
8.  Woodstock
9.  Carey/Mr. Tambourine Man
10.  A Case Of You
11.  The Circle Game

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sage on 2012-Aug-27 at 07:40:28 GMT-5:
I was 22 and attending university in Victoria. I was nuts about Joni. Her music spoke to me. Some guy played Both Sides Now at a little coffeehouse in Port Alberni two years earlier, and I thought Wow! Here's a song that actually opens up this whole introspective, honest world.
Anyway I heard about the Green Peace concert in Vancouver and just had to go. I see by the poster the ticket price was quite affordable. Only $3 bucks. A friend and I hitchhiked over to Vancouver and crashed with a friend of my friend. I ate some acid at the concert and really connected with how vulnerable joni was there playing these sensitive songs in front of a huge crowd.
Interesting that the Canadian government declared the War Measures Act that same day. Phil Oches made a reference to "playing in a police state" that night.
When the Amchitka CD of this concert was released recently, I was pretty blown away. What a keepsake!