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Joni Mitchell to Aid Greenpeace Concert Oct. 16 Print-ready version

Northwest Passage
October 12, 1970
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The Don't Make A Wave Committee, which has been spearheading opposition to the U.S.A. exploding 3.5 Megaton Hydrogen Bomb at Amchitka Island in the Aleutians, has launched a campaign to send a ship "GREENPEACE" to Amchitka, as a protest against the blast and all atomic testing anywhere by any country.

The Committee has announced a GREENPEACE" benefit concert for Friday, Oct. 16th at the PNE Colliseum [sic] in Vancouver. Donating their performances will be Joni Mitchell, ing Canada's internationally famous singing artist, appearing in Vancouver for the first time; Chilliwack, the impressive rock group based in Vancouver; and Phil Ochs from the U.S.A., outstanding world renowned singer of protest songs. Proceeds from the concert will be earmarked for the GREENPEACE project.

On board the ship will be scientists who will ascertain and publicize the facts of the Environmental damage (including radioactivity released into the water and air) from the U.S.A. 1.2 Megaton blast last fall, plus full media coverage of the entire trip. Many experts have expressed grave concern that the underground atomic testing on Amchitka, which lies on the Aleutian Thrust (earthquake) Fault, threatens British Columbia with a tidal wave and earth shocks and all Canada with a blanket of radioactivity. Environmental preservation groups opposing the ecological vandalism of the Amchitka atomic testing have tried without success to get the Canadian government to make public the reports on the damages from the first test, but without success.

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