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1983.07.06  Poplar Creek Music Theater  Hoffman Estates, IL

» This Concert is a part of the 1983 Refuge World Tour.

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Ad Published in the Chicago Tribune TribGuides
July 1, 1983; page NW16
Ad published in the Chicago Tribune
June 5, 1983; pg. L4

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Shazam33 on 2011-Nov-09 at 14:42:27 GMT-5:
Living in Rock Island, 200 mi West, no traveling $$, missed it all. MLB All Star game the same night at Comisky Park. Had a not-so-vague dream of thanking her for helping me keep my chin up, and above the water line. Little did I know that I had a couple more decades of need for her work/art to keep my spirits up. These days, I have the skills to determine that Joni is an 'indigo'; a higher dimensional higher self than the rest of us, just as: W.B.Yeats, Ben Franklin, R.Kennedy Sr., Hiromi Uehara, D.D. Palmer, Beethoven, Black Elk, Tesla, Einstein, Groucho, Royal Raymond Rife.
jlark on 2011-Aug-09 at 21:09:24 GMT-5:
Great show! I remember thinking that Joni was in her strongest voice ever. Loved her and the band's rocking take on "Banquet" from 1972.
VikingAngels on 2010-Apr-01 at 00:53:06 GMT-5:
I purchased two tickets exactly at the moment they went on sale to make sure I'd get the best seats possible. My boyfriend & I had attended the Ravinia Park, Highland, IL concert in 1974. It left a lasting impression on me as the skies broke loose with pouring rain, thunderclaps & lightning as she began to sing RAINY NIGHT HOUSE. It was as if GOD was smiled down on Joni & decided to make this one fantastic show. So naturally, I was excited about attending this upcoming concert at Poplar Creek, Hoffman Estates, IL. Right before I was to get off of work, I got a call from my boyfriend who announced that his employer had given him an overtime so he could not go to the concert. Not all that familiar on how to get to Poplar Creek on my own, I sat & cried at home upset about how I was missing Joni's performance. Then my boyfriend has the nerve to call me shortly after the concert has begun to announce that his overtime turned out to be only 5 minutes away from the concert hall. I still have those concert tickets saved away & I never forgave him for making me miss that special evening.