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1996.02.28 Joni's next appearance 38th Annual Grammy Awards — Shrine Auditorium Los Angeles, CA

Joni and co-producer Larry Klein received the ‘"Best Pop
Album’" Grammy for the album Turbulent Indigo. Joni and
art director Robbie Cavolina shared a Grammy for ‘Best
Recording Package.’

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  • Andy Garcia congratulates Joni and presents her with the <b>Grammy</b> Award.
  • Larry Klein gives Joni a congratulatory embrace.
  • Joni is kissed by Larry Klein after accepting the award.<br>Photo by Eric Draper.
  • Joni and producer Larry Klein accept the Best Pop Album Award for "Turbulent Indigo".
Photo by Robert Hanashiro. [Siquomb]

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by Wally Breese

Sometimes, absolutely amazing things happen. I've always believed that. After last night's Grammy Awards show where Joni won two awards including Best Pop Album (winning this one over Madonna, Mariah Carey, Annie Lennox and The Eagles), I believe in magic more than ever. Joni looked stunned when her name was called by presenter Andy Garcia, and I can relate to that, as this was quite a coup! It was a case of artistic justice triumphing in a world where sales and notoriety usually rule. Whatever motives NARAS may have had, the results were astute and extremely satisfying.

Joni and co-producer Larry Klein hit the stage glowing with glee but obviously hadn't been expecting to make an acceptance speech. Joni first laughed at how "Turbulent Indigo" was made after the couple had separated, and she charmingly hinted that one of the reasons for their parting was that she'd never let him finish a sentence. She then bowed to Klein to finish the acceptance speech. Klein thanked Joni for "ten years of instruction in the art" and he called her the best songwriter around.