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1968.10.19 Joni's next appearance SUNY (State Univ. of NY) Stony Brook, NY

Joni performed at a Tim Hardin concert.
Two Shows.

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  • Ad from the October 18, 1968 SUNY Statesman.  (Uncovered by Bobsart)
  • Photo by James Dan
  • Concert photo from the 1968 SUNY yearbook.
  • Concert photo from the 1968 SUNY yearbook.
  • Concert photo from the 1968 SUNY yearbook.

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Barry555 on

Had the honor to sit in the third row of the early concert that night right in front of Joni as she mesmerized us with her beauty, music, and charisma. I didn't know anything about her as my friend Gene said you have to get tickets to see her. It's a must! and in those days seeing these upcoming stars for $1.50 a ticket was a must. I went on to follow her career and see her perform many times. Tim on the other hand was quite stoned or drunk and Joni had to come on stage and help him out. Saw that happen twice in two concerts.
Nonetheless outstanding performances!!!!  [ed.]