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1974.01.29 Joni's next appearance Constitution Hall Washington, DC

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  • Joni Mitchell at Constitution Hall, 1974 [lookingforacause]
  • Joni Mitchell at Constitution Hall, 1974 [lookingforacause]
  • Front of Ticket for Joni Mitchell @ DAR Const Hall, 1-29-'74. [MrFred17]
  • Reverse of Ticket for Joni Mitchell @ DAR Const. Hall, 1-29-'74. [MrFred17]
  •  [luddite]
  •  [luddite]
  •  [luddite]

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luddite on

I was fortunate to get front row center tickets to this concert. I am posting three photos, of Joni and Tom Scott, that I took that evening.

Forphalupper on

I drove down, with several friends, from Windham College, Putney, VT, to see this show. This was the first time I'd seen her, since her '67 Newport Folk appearance (see my impressions of that show in the '67 chronology - The Lady In Newport), and I had been gobbling up her work ever since my introduction to this songwriting 'force of nature'. By the time of this tour, her voice and vocal technique had matured quite a bit, and she was, simply, sublime. But it was a very different time, and a different world. Who was it said "Nothing lasts for long"? God bless, Joni...

estecantor on

I remember this concert well. Joni was wearing a spectacular shimmery white strapless gown and looked fabulous- much more glamorous than folksy, which surprised me. I remember that when singing "You Turn Me On (I'm a Radio)" her gorgeous voice wavered and she laughed delightedly at her mistake. I recorded the whole thing badly and wore out the tape from listening to it.

MrFred17 on

I ALWAYS save My Concert Tickets (See Above). My first Joni Mitchell Concert was @ DAR Constitution Hall in Wash., DC. on Jan. 29, 1974. The music was predominantly from "For The Roses" and it was Magnificent ! She explained about the Arbutis rustling before she sang. I will never forget this Concert ! Mr Fred 17

cady123 on

I was there and I remember that. But I'm sorry; no picture. This was my first Joni concert. Not that I've been to a lot - I only saw her one other time.

I wish I remembered more. I was enthralled by the music but was also paying rapt attention. You see, it was my goal to be able to play as many Joni songs as I could, using the correct tunings on my guitar. It took me over a year to figure out the proper tunings for an even dozen. That, and being in the same air space as my songwriting idol - major blur of an evening!

glee on

I brought a large red rose to this concert. During the encore I handed it to Joni. She broke the stem off and tucked the rose behind her ear. I would love to see if anyone has photos.   [ed.]