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1970.05.16 Joni's next appearance Strawberry Mountain Fair Mission, BC

Joni attended. At some point she performed a few
songs for a small group of about 20 people.

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rhysmhor on

Rhys Evans ยท

I was there. We called it the Mission Faire, tho. it was the second one in the Lower Mainland (as opposed to the Strawberry Mountain Rock Festival which was further out the Valley).
I was one of a big crew of volunteers building it, sleeping in a geodesic dome and eating in a converted barn which had huge open doors covered by ex-cinema red velvet curtains. I had helped build the stage and was hanging with the musicians (i had a deVeccio Dobro at the time) on the day before the fair, i think, when she came up to us. She was playing dulcimer and, if i remember right, played That Song About the Midway..