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Tour of North America

1972 Tour of North America
1972 Tour of Europe
1974 Tour of North America
1975 Rolling Thunder Revue
1976 Tour of the United States
1979 Tour of North America
1983 Refuge World Tour
1998 West Coast Tour of North America
1998 Fall Tour of North America
2000 Both Sides Now Tour Of North America

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Joni’s first extended concert tour.
Jackson Browne was the opening act.

Tour details

Joni Mitchell - Piano, Guitar and Dulcimer

Tour dates

  1972.02.16   Paramount Theatre    Seattle,  WA  
  1972.02.18   The Masonic Temple Theater    Detroit,  MI  
  1972.02.21   Arie Crown Theater, McCormick Center    Chicago,  IL  
  1972.02.23   Carnegie Hall    New York,  NY  
  1972.02.25   Massey Hall    Toronto,  ON  
  1972.02.28   The Music Hall    Boston,  MA  
  1972.02.29   Constitution Hall    Washington,  DC  

  1972.03.02   Academy of Music    Philadelphia,  PA  
  1972.03.04   McAllister Auditorium, Tulane Univ.    New Orleans,  LA  

  1972.03     Kiel Auditorium    St. Louis,  MO  
Jackson Browne was ill. Tom May opened for Joni.

  1972.03.11   Berkeley Community Theatre    Berkeley,  CA  
David Crosby, Graham Nash, David Blue and
Jackson Browne joined Joni during her encore.

  1972.03.13   Dorothy Chandler Pavilion    Los Angeles,  CA  
  1972.03.15   Queen Elizabeth Hall    Vancouver,  BC  


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