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She's Come Undone

by Wally Lamb [Pocket Books Paperback Edition - 1998]
ASIN: 0671021001

Naomi laughed. "That was the thing about Woodstock. You didn't think of people as individuals. We were all this . . . mass entity." "Oh," I said. "Right." She must have seen my disappointment. "I was two people back from Joni Mitchell in the portable toilet line, though," she said. "Joni Mitchell used the public toilets?" "Well, yeah. See, the whole point was that we're all one, you know? You and me and Joni and your tall, skinny friend: a bunch of equals sharing the same small planet. It was a rush - very political!" "Yeah," I said. "You bet your bippy."

(Contributed by Kerry Nikutta)


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