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Love Me

by Garrison Keillor [Viking Adult - 2003]
ASIN: 0142004995

Word is that in this work of fiction, William Shawn, the legendary New Yorker editor, runs off to California with Joni Mitchell to begin a new life.

On page 212: "Mine, too" he said. "I'm leaving the magazine. Going to LA. Ever hear of a songwriter named Joni Mitchell? Quite a lady." And he sang to me...

On page 214: "No. I've had it with the literary life. Meeting Joni changed everything. Life is too short to spend it trying to protect the inept from the insensitive. Joni and I are going to make a beautiful life in Topanga Canyon and enjoy the dappled foilage and the flickering shadows and water running over rocks, and you knuckleheads can edit yourselves."

On page 225: Helen and the Academy-All of us thank you for the way you took care of business. The Crossandottis are gone. I'm taking over The New Yorker. Mr. Shawn is going to LA with Joni Mitchell. And you'll be heading back to St. Paul.


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