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Other People's Dirt: A Housecleaner's Curious Adventures

by Louise Rafkin [Algonquin Books; Second Printing edition - 1998]
ASIN: 0452280818

Here's a book about housecleaning that perhaps isn't really fiction, but, like David Sedaris's work which also uses housecleaning as subject matter, we've included it because your need to know is always more important than our need to categorize!

Gino writes:

The book is a memoir recalling experiences of the author who's decided to become a cleaning lady even if she had earned an M.A. in Comparative literature. Wonderful and funny book! Anyway, here it is:

Page 169
Another client was an agent summering in a million-dollar beach house with his standard poodle, who often joined him in his lukewarm hot tub. I took names from his Rolodex. I called Joni Mitchell at her Malibu home and Nastassja Kinski in Rome. I left messages. I asked Joni to call my best friend and sing her happy birthday. She never called.

(Contributed by Gino Delfin)


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