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Intimate Nights: The Golden Age of New York Cabaret

by James Gavin [2006]
ASIN: 0823088251

Joseph in Chapel Hill writes: "While flipping through James Gavin's book called "Intimate Nights" this afternoon at the University Bookstore I chanced upon a passage about Joni.

"Actually it was not really about her as much as what she had to say about the late cabaret matriarch Mabel Mercer's version of "Both Sides Now". The book mentioned that in 1991, Joni considered Mercer's BSN version as the best version of all she has heard ever since. Anyone knows where to find this article when Joni said this? Not that I distrust James Gavin (who is one jazz critic I respect along with Gene Lees, Leonard Feather and Bob Blumenthal), but I'd like to read the context behind this official announcement."

(Contributed by Joseph)


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