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Consumption: A Novel

by G.S. Johnston [2011]
ASIN: B0052YX8K8

Monica discovered this COURT AND SPARK reference in an interview with author G.S. Johnston about his latest book.

"But I do draw experience directly from life. Sometimes when the characters have reached a certain point and something is needed, I dredge the past. For example, when Andy tries to change the course of their friendship to romance, I thought of the album COURT AND SPARK by Joni Mitchell and I remembered sending it to someone and saying, there's a song here that tells you what I'm feeling. It was a perfect fit for Andy to do. And the album starts with that crisp e-major chord, so full of light and promise, and through a series of intelligent shifts comes to the minor and the intrigue and the murk of a romance."

Great find, Monica!

(Contributed by Monica Cardinale)


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