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My Sister from the Black Lagoon: A Novel of My Life

by Laurie Fox [Simon & Schuster - 1998]
ISBN-13: 9780684847450
ASIN: 0684847450

Alert JMDLer Bob Muller came across this intriguing book on eBay -- but he didn't buy it! Here are the publisher's comments:

"As Lorna searches for acceptance in her teen years - buoyed by Shindig! and Joni Mitchell - she must also disentangle herself from her beloved sister's wild and morbid underworld."

If you've got any more information about how Joni is used in this story, please let us know.

U P D A T E: Look what we found! Three pages of eloquently written words as well as quotes from I Had A King:

Page 213:
Unlike Laura Nyro's songs, which are licenses to rant and rave, Joni Mitchell's music is a salve; her songs are woolen shawls in which I wrap myself like a widow. Her lyrics, incandescent and sea-bottom deep, guide me like electric eels through my first dark nights of the soul. I have waited all my life to know an adult-strength emotion, and now that I have arrived, there is no turning back.

....The love stories Joni paints are all too common, about men and women who've been conspicuously unsuccessful at love. I nod along with her, letting her know that I finally understand this, but only as a terrible fact of life.

Page 215:
Rummaging around in my unconscious, I pick up the melody of Joni's lament. I think she's trying to deliver a personal message: "I can't go back there anymore / You know my keys won't fit the door / You know my thoughts don't fit the man / They never can, they never can."

Page 329:
To enhance my rapidly darkening mood, I put Joni Mitchell's "Blue" on the record player and plug in the hot plate to make a mug of instant hot chocolate.

(Contributed by Bob Muller)


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