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The Commitments

ASIN: 6302312442

Peter Carney writes:

The Commitments is the story of Jimmy Rabbit and his quest to bring 'soul' to the people of Dublin, based on the Roddy Doyle novel.

He's asked to manage and expand a local band searching for their identity, a style, a genre. Jimmy (Wilson Pickett's biggest fan) also makes it his mission. Auditions are held after placing an advertisement in the local paper. 'Have you got soul? If so, the world's hardest working band is looking for you.'

The queue stretches for miles . . . well at least around the corner on the council estate where they all live. All sorts apply. A thrashing heavy-metal feedback inspired guitarist, a punk, and a young female hippie type who, when asked for her influences answers very liltingly, "Joni Mitchell." She mentions others, but Joni Mitchell is the only one I can recall. Needless to say she doesn't make it.
View scene HERE at 0:25

If you love music, and humour, then this film comes highly recommended.

(Contributed by Peter Carney)


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