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Phyliss Ward was the first to report:

Near the beginning of the movie Elizabethtown the main character is walking down a hall of famous paintings at the corporate headquarters. On the wall is Joni's painting Hyde Park. Am I the only one that noticed that????

And then Clive checked in with this:

A few weeks ago I was watching Elizabethtown and there is a scene where the main guy is walking along a corridor to his boss's office. The walls are full of art and I thought momentarily—is that a Joni Mitchell [painting] there? I forgot about it and while doing my monthly peruse of I came across a design Joni had done for Cameron Crowe for a magazine cover about ELIZABETHTOWN—which reminded me of the Joni painting in the film. Did anyone else think this or see it or was I imagining it. In short, was there a Joni [painting] on the wall or not?

(Contributed by Phyliss Ward and Clive Sax)


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