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Into The Wild

ASIN: B000ZN8036

Damien was the first to write us about this film, based off the book of the same name, by author Jon Krakauer:

"Into the Wild", the character of the young girl singing is presented as "our young Joni Mitchell" by Rainey talking to Chris.

Brian then alerted us as well to the Joni reference in this movie:

One of the characters of "Into the Wild" (2007) explicitly mentions her.

A discussion on the JMDL was started with Monika posting:

I recently saw the movie Into The Wild (and will soon read the book!). In it, there was a Joni reference. I watched this very compelling film based on a true story of a young man who goes off "into the wild," without money, identification, breaking off all ties with the world in pursuit of something more I guess you could say. However, he does meet up with different people along the way, including a pair of hippies and their friends. At one point, they are all watching a show with the pair of hippies' friends including a young female performer. Later on, the one hippie man told the main character to go and introduce himself to her saying something along the lines of, "why don't you go introduce yourself to our Joni Mitchell?"

Thanks to Damien, Monika, and Brian!

(Contributed by Brian Carr, Damien and Monika )


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