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Esquire Magazine, July 2002


From Esquire Magazine's July 2002 issue, with Al Pacino on the cover, comes America or Bust, two dozen pages of the best the open road has to offer. Under Ultimate Car Tunes on page 64 are these picks:

11 Records for the Road
Soundtracks for every scenario all across the land.

 1.  When pondering the urge to flee: Joni Mitchell, Hejira, Joni's nine-song rumination on blue motel rooms, black crows, and the high art of getting the hell away.

 2.  When actually fleeing: The Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street.

 3.  When sheepishly returning: The Silos, Cuba.

 4.  When looking for parking: The Cars, The Cars.

 5.  When struggling to stay awake: Minutemen, Double Nickels on the Dime.

 6.  When it's as hot as the sun: John Patton, Memphis to New York Spirit.

 7.  When it's cool and rainy: Keith Jarrett, The Melody at Night, with You.

 8.  When the road is black ice: Sigur Rós, Ágaetis Byrjun.

 9.  When in Kansas: The Feelies, The Good Earth.

10.  When crossing the Mississippi: Charlie Rich, Feel Like Going Home: The Essential Charlie Rich.

11.  When in gridlock: Dr. Dre, The Chronic.

The entire article -- which has since been updated to include 14 records -- can be read online, here.

(Contributed by Laura)


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