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Joni-inspired painting names

Our friend Gordon asks: Did you see the South Bank Show about the Scottish painter Jack Vettriano? I knew something interesting had happened when they showed a painting called Edith and the Kingpin...then later on I heard Joni on piano..intro to his painting called Shades of Scarlet....I think it only had one 't' when he used it (can anyone confirm) and not the Scarlett as in O'Hara. He is clearly a fan. I'm in two minds about his work but it was a nice way to round off the weekend And from the US, Jenny writes: That's so funny - just this past week I found a print by this artist (who I had not heard of before) and we used it as inspiration for decorating the bedroom in the house we just bought.

here are links where you can view the paintings mentioned in the show - also found some new joni-inspired works: sweet bird of youth and the arrangement. edith and the kingpin: shades of scarlet and sweet bird of youth: the arrangement:

(Contributed by Gordon Mackie)


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