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Extra-credit question for 5th grade students

Laura made a great find ... in her son's homework!
This is exciting news - when a Joni question is part of my 5th grader's homework assignment.
Q: Bill Clinton's daughter was named after "Chelsea Morning," a song written by which musician?
Here I am going over my 5th graders Social Studies homework for spelling errors this evening. The bottom of the page wasn't completed and 'somehow' one of the questions caught my eye. I asked my son why it wasn't completed and he said it was just extra credit! Yep, I made him do it........I said, "You better know who this is!" I'm happy to report he answered correctly!! Then he didn't spell Joni's name correctly so I made him erase it and do it over. He usually complains when I do this but this time he just laughed and whined, "Mom". Then it was spelled correctly but pretty sloppy. I told him he better not turn in any paper with Joni's name sloppy like that. He laughed again with, "Mommmm" as he 'perfected' her name on the paper! He knew there was no way he'd win this one. Ha!

(Contributed by Laura)


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