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Obama Town Hall Webcam


Les found the following parody on the internet.

WASHINGTON, DC - Obama made history yesterday by holding a national online town hall. Unfortunately the tech savvy president still forgot to turn off the webcam when he was done.

Taking questions on a large variety of topics, Obama spoke directly to the people on Thursday from the comfort of the White House. Critics laud his attempts at making government accessible, and getting people involved.

For several hours after the town hall the webcam was left on, recording various candid moments of the president in his home.

Several times President Obama is seen walking by the camera wearing boxer shorts and an undershirt while preparing what appeared to be a pot of macaroni and cheese. He and his wife can be seen discussing economic policy while the President eats directly from the pot using a large wooden spoon.

Earlier in the evening President Obama sang along to a Joni Mitchell best of album, and rocked his youngest Sasha to sleep singing "Stay" by Lisa Loeb.

After talking with Rahm Emanuel about House Republicans, Obama went on a seven minute rant angrily venting his frustrations before calmly calling back and discussing the problem constructively.

During the evening, the president also quoted lines from several Samuel L. Jackson movies.

Borrowing a pair of sunglasses he stood next to a white Secret Service agent and proceeded to quote several lines from the movie Pulp Fiction. The agent did not say anything, but Obama went through entire scenes from the movie. Later he quoted the infamous bible verse, still wearing sunglasses boxers and an undershirt, standing on a sofa and brandishing a Nerf dart gun.

Towards the end of the video, the President can be seen on the couch studying economic policy while his wife does roughly 200 push ups. She then asks the president if the White House has a vet.

"No, why?"

"'Cause these pythons are sick!" said the First Lady while flexing.

Eventually one of the administration's top technical advisors ran into the room and hurriedly turned off the webcam.

The White House has released no official statement yet but word is expected at some point later today.

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Funny find, Les!

(Contributed by Les Irvin)


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