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Coyote Inspired Briefs & Bras


JMDL's Monica took time out from her recent European travels to email us the latest fashion news complete with video and a link to photos:

Marlies Dekkers is a Dutch underwear/lingerie designer, who is now also known abroad. I discovered that she has designed a Women of Rock lingerie series and one of the three collections is inspired by our Joni (by the song Coyote, actually).

Here is a link to Marlies Dekker's video as well as a link for the Joni Mitchell collection.
[Zoom in or enlarge each photo to find the coyote face or body].

Inspired by Monica's information we researched and also found the following description of the Marlies Dekkers Joni Mitchell Balcony bra:

We are women of heart and mind, never enough time on our hands, sometimes we are just like silly girls, when love makes fools of us. We are ladies in cities, and we think we love them all (the one who writes us letters, the one who sometimes calls), we are, sometimes, much too busy being free. A taste for the unconventional, a fierce joy in the every day, a tiny velvet coyote at the cup to take with you everywhere , no regrets coyote, none at all.

If you can't get to Europe, Marlies Dekkers Joni Mitchell collection can be found at Neiman Marcus but not as the "Joni Mitchell" collection. Look for pieces of this collection with the words "fishnet" or "Brazilian" and/or look for Joni's coyote along the border.

Fantastic fashion find, Monica!

(Contributed by Monica Cardinale)


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