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Lafayette Electronics & Larry


"I just spent the night with Joni Mitchell singing in my ear."

The above words immediately caught my eye from a page in the Ann Arbor Sun (10/25/74) I found on the internet.

There she was going round and round on my new PHILIPS GA-212 Turntable with an AT-15S cartridge (it was a toss up between that or my PIONEER RT-1020L reel to reel). And as she got to one of her really high, held notes I became aware of the clean sounds flowing thru my LAFAYETTE LR-5000 quad receiver with CD-4 module (enhanced by my DBX 124 noise reduction system & JVC equalizers) straight on thru to the 2 front ALTEC Stone Hendge 891A speakers & rear BIC VENTURI Formula 6's. But the best part of all was the way she sang in my ear thru these KOSS 2+2 headphones.

This morning after is brought to you (and Larry) by Lafayette Radio Electronics—not exactly a dream, but a very close second.

Can we go back in time to one of these Lafayette Electronic stores in Michigan and get the same experience from our purchase??

(Contributed by Laura Oppermann)


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