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Mermaid Café in Nantucket


Should you spot this sailboat in Nantucket you can be sure of the inspiration behind the name.

Three friends and I just bought a 1997 sailboat, a Rhodes 19, and we are mooring her in Nantucket.

Last year, we sailed community sailing boats and we are just so excited to have our own boat. Last summer, as we prepared to sail, just before we cast off the mooring, I would look up and around to determine the wind direction and would say something like, "Where is the wind coming from...?" One of my sailing buddies would invariably start singing Carey, "...The wind is in from Africa.." and we would sing a couple of verses and laugh and laugh.

So, in March, when we found her in Rockland, Maine, the same friend was quick to suggest that we name her the "Mermaid Café." And so we did. We took her out last weekend and she is lovely and seaworthy. Picture attached! Always love sailing, always love Joni.

Great story, Merelise!
"Go to the Mermaid Café
Have fun tonight."

(Contributed by Merelise O'Connor)


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