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A Sacrifice for Friendship, Chapter 5

Here's some more of this story Monica found on the Internet. You can find the rest of this chapter at

Help me I think I'm falling in love too fast. It's got me hoping for the future and worrying about the past. 'Cause I've seen some hot hot blazes come down to smoke and ash. We love our lovin', but not like we love our freedom...

My eyes drifted open as I heard my alarm turn on. "Damn, again with Joni Mitchell. They need to change the deejay on this channel." I leaned over to hit my alarm, but it wasn't there.

Holy shit, where the hell is it? Now I was starting to panic. There must have been someone in my house last night. Why the hell would they take my alarm clock? Why is it that this song won't stop playing? Where was the music coming from?

I rubbed my eyes again and sauntered over to the window. I looked down and I felt my mouth fall open and pressed my head to the glass.

"What the...?" My eyes didn't believe what they were seeing. I was looking down at my neighborhood, but it looked like it did in the seventies.

Jesus what is going on? The Twilight Zone ended years ago, but I'll be damned if I don't feel like I'm there now. I thought to myself.

I went to bed naked, but here I was with clothes on, and ones I don't remember buying that's for sure. I had on long ass bell bottoms and a gray top with a big flower in the middle of it.

I think I need some fresh air. I'm going to take a walk outside I think and try to clear my head. Where the hell is that music coming from? I couldn't stop the thoughts racing through my head.

As I got closer to my bedroom door the music seemed to be getting louder.

Shit, whoever stole my alarm clock is messing with my stereo and is STILL in my house.

"OK, Frankie, you can handle this." I blew out a long breath and grasped the doorknob.

I slowly walked through the doorway and minded all the creaky spots on the wood floor. I felt like a cat burglar sneaking through my own house. "Jesus!" I whispered, there was a shadow of a person hanging on the wall. My heart was totally racing, but I needed to call someone, anyone at this point for help. Then he spoke.

"Honey, can you help me for a minute?" I heard the voice, but I couldn't believe my ears. This man sounded just like my father.

"Just a minute Frank, I'll be done in here soon." I heard the woman say.

I pressed the back of my head against the wall for support. What the hell kind of joke is this anyway? I needed to see this with my own eyes. I tried to control my breathing and gather up enough courage to peek into the living room.

"Come on Frankie, you can do this." I whispered my own support to myself.

I slid down my hallway that was now empty of all my pictures. I was so close to the front room I could barely breathe. I heard the song end and start back up again. I think this alone is going to be the death of me.

Help me I think I'm falling in love again... Joni kept singing without a care in the world.

Well she has the "help me" part right... I need it really badly right now. One more step and I would be able to stretch my neck into the family room to see my unwanted guests.

(Contributed by Monica)


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