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Radical Sentimentality

ASIN: 0978942736

Author, James Servin wrote us:

The following is from my collection, Radical Sentimentality

I think of a time in my life when,
Out of stark, grey, raw aloneness
I suddenly found myself living in a big yellow house
Surrounded by smart, busy people
The air charged with confidence
Healthy perspective
Strong individuals
Living well communally

It was scary at first
The bar seemed raised too high
But I found a place here
Wrestling with Tim
Talking with Phil and Maria in the kitchen
Missy upstairs
Then Jake showed up for two months...

Here is where I discovered Joni Mitchell
Ladies of the Canyon, "Morning Morgantown"
Offering sunlight, playful, dancing images
Hope in a new chapter

And then "And She Was"
We danced to that Talking Heads song
in the living room
Someone offering a toke on a joint
Me demurely declining
Stressed about my thesis
And playing "Into The Groove" a lot

Under my bed - Vanity Fair, with
Cher on the cover
New York, a high-voltage
skyline looming in the future
For now, I was happy to live here
in this big yellow house
Eat home-cooked dinners
Go running with Tim
Paint watercolors with Jake
And feel assuredly, sometimes deliriously, alive again.

Thank you for writing!

(Contributed by James Servin)


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