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For Joni


Kezz, shared this poem in the Discussion Forum and when we asked, responded, I just hope that Joni reads it someday — as that is the only reason for its existence — though now I am thrilled to know that other Joni fans will have the opportunity of enjoying it too.

Sonority come shimmer
where blue and blonde confide
to tender strum the dulcimer
and resonate warm lines
that lose me in the lyrics of
the jewelled words you sing
bringing purity of angels
to caress me in your wings.

My heart is left insatiable
at the midnight of your breath
seducing me with satin notes
that smoke my soul to death
piano poignant counterpoint
come glide about my room
to sing out for the roses
and kiss them back to bloom.

The miles of aisles of summer lawns
'mongst shadows bathed in light
playing circle games in clouds so round
on both sides of the night
and bursting into Chelsea morn
painted ponies — up and down
as cold coyotes spark and court
six vapour trails of sound.

A teardrop on my fingertips
her scent upon my skin
the radiance in my atmosphere
as Joni wanders in
so foolish yet so beautiful
as songs and seagulls fly
her rainbow waves wash over me
from both sides of my sky.

(Contributed by Kerry Furber (Kezz))


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pablo on

that's nice', like re'unite' on ice'
it's nice'
- :)

feathersofhope on

This is beautiful stuff, Kezz. :)