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Flood my veins with Joni's poems


Author, Reenie Haughey's book SANITARIUM BLUES and other poems has a dedication to Joni and a referenced poem on page 30:

This book is dedicated to
Joni Mitchell, hoping idolatry
isn't a sin,
Janis Ian, for her tears and music,
and Sue Middaugh, for herself.

This book was written
for those who want to see
the lining of my soul,
and for my friends and relatives,
who know I love them.

Flood my veins with Joni's poems
While I'm high on Icarus.
Joni keeps me tethered to her
as she sings
she flows to this Reckless Lady—
I cannot float away.
Perspiration on my forehead
rain on the car windshield
On I think I'll just dissolve
in the resonance of her sweet
sweet guitar.
For seven years she's been
my lover
though I've never touched her
There's a cold fire seething
in my veins
ashes and ice
abandoned poems
bleak terrain
and miles to go before we meet.

(Contributed by Laura Oppermann)


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