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The Late Show with David Letterman


In this show, broadcast on August 12, 2002 and possibly a repeat, there was a quick, somewhat mumbled Joni reference that no one seems to have totally caught!

It came after the opening monologue, when Dave was seated at his desk. He brought up the subject of Jones Beach and asked Paul Schaefer if he had any idea how many people visit the beach every year. Paul made a few guesses, the Dave told him he was wrong and that 8 million people go to Jones beach every year. Paul then said something about Joni . . . but what it was, we may never know!

Rose reports that Paul said that that's how many people attend a Joni concert, but Bryan thinks Paul said something like, "8 million, as many people as in Joni Mitchell's band."

If you've got the facts, don't hold back! Let us know.

(Contributed by Rose, Bryan)


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