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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Goldie Hawn)


Julius was watching the old boob tube one night when Ashara's look-alike, Goldie Hawn, was Jay's guest. Jay surprised Goldie by pulling out an album she had recorded early in her career.

According to Julius:
He goes on to say how he was gonna play some of it on the show to embarrass her, but that he actually found it pretty good. He said he chose his favorite track to play, that Joni Mitchell song, Carey.

Hawn went on to tell the story of how she used to sing Carey at bedtime to her son, Wyatt, when he was around 3 years old. And how he had learned all the lyrics and sang along. And how he wanted to know what the lyrics 'Oh, you're a mean old daddy but I like you' meant.

Of Goldie's cover of Carey, Julius says
She infused it with a bit of a country groove. Not too shabby.

(Contributed by Julius Mills)


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