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Hey Arnold!


Joni in cartoons? This alert JMDLer says so!

I've got another Joni in Fiction reference for you from, of all places, the Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold! In this episode, Arnold and his best friend, Gerald, decide to play hookey from school for the day. As fate would have it, everywhere they go they run into someone they know. Finally, they duck into a used clothing shop, where they buy baggy old coats and hats as disguises. Gerald turns to Arnold and says, "This is great! We'll be like free men in Paris--unfettered and alive!" Arnold replies with a very perplexed, "What are you talking about?" And his friend shrugs, "I don't know--I heard it on an old hippie record."

Season 2
Episode #7
Original Air Date: Sunday, November 2, 2007

Forward to 00:11:00 for the beginning of Hookey
Forward to 00:18:50 for House of Costumes Store / Disguises

Thank you, Danton!

(Contributed by Danton)


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