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My Family

Ash from Tasmania tells us:
My Family (2002) its about the antics of a late middle age couple and 3 kids, starring Robert Lindsay (Hornblower) and Zoe Wanamaker (daughter of Sam).
Its a 1/2 hour BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) sitcom, complete with canned laughter, but very funny.
So the kids are away for weekend and the adults have the house to they have sex...lasts 5 mins (can I mention all this stuff??) don't see any of this, its just implied.
So then they realise they are alone and have to do things together...husband (a dentist) ...wants just to read the newspaper...while dizzy wife (London tourist guide) wants to do stuff...outdoor stuff. They get into a bit of a disagreement...which leads to this...the couple are in the sitting/living room:
WIFE:That's rich! From a man who stores his CD's in alphabetical order!
HUSBAND: So, I don't waste time looking for them!
WIFE: Don't you want the thrill of browsing along the shelves and coming across something unexpected?
HUSBAND: No!!...not when its one of your bloody Joni Mitchell albums!
WIFE: I Love Joni Mitchell.
(Husband points at bottom of CD shelf)
HUSBAND: I made a special section here for your (Joni Mitchell) albums at the end of the alphabet, so I don't have to look at them, but they always seem to end up in MY section.
WIFE: Is that not part of being married?
HUSBAND: Yes the annoying part!
WIFE: Remember when we first merged our record collection?

(Contributed by Ash)


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