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Without a Trace


In January of 2005, David Ruppe told us:

In this week's episode, a teenage girl goes missing.  It turns out that she has hidden her pregnancy from friends and family, and the episode ends with her having the baby. During the last scene and credits we are treated to the complete song "Little Green."

Tim and Richard both sent an email alert. Tim included the name of the episode and Richard reported:

I was half-listening to a rerun of Without a Trace coming from the other room while I worked in this one, half keeping track of the plot about some missing pregnant teen--and what should make my ears perk up?

"Little Green"

Normally I hate the way Jerry Bruckheimer puts ding dang rock videos into every ding dang middlebrow piece of crap he produces, but this was Joni!

Hope she got some good royalty pennies from that one.

Title: 4.0
Season: 3
Episode: 11
Original Air Date: Thursday January 6, 2005

(Contributed by David Ruppe, Tim Bazeley and Richard)


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