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General Hospital


Bob Sart told us:

My wife has watched GH for over 30 years, I think. Yesterday, after Luke and Laura got remarried (again? I dunno), they walked to the idyllic gazebo to At Last (Joni's cover), which continued to be played throughout as the scene shifted back and forth from the reception to the tete a tete.

Another tip of the hat to Joni, IMO.

And then Kevin reported:

Joni's version of At Last was prominently featured on General Hospital during Luke and Laura's 25th anniversary "Re-wedding." They nearly played the whole song while the famed lovers danced their first dance...

This episode originally aired on November 16, 2006 with At Last being played at the end of the show montage.

(Contributed by Bob Sart and Kevin Doheny)


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