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The Wendy Williams Show


Laura caught this on it's original air date of June 25th and Gerald saw a repeat on July 4th and posted to the JMDL:

Joni mention on Wendy Williams Show by comedian Kathy Griffin. Subject was Joni being at Jane Fonda's birthday party. Just sayin!

Season: 5
Episode #167
Original Air Date: June 25, 2013

Forward to 02:13

Kathy Griffin is the guest and is dishing about her younger boyfriend:

WENDY: You know there's a younger man and then there's a younger man. I mean he for you ... 32 to 52. Okay. So there are people who are famous, might even be your friend, he has no idea who they are.

KATHY: Oh, we went to Jane Fonda's birthday party and I was like telling him who people are. I'm like there's a lady named Joni Mitchell. She's a singer. There's a gentlemen named Warren Beatty. He's in movies. But no, I mean, he's 34. It's 18 years. It's gross. It's like I'm his teen mom.

(Contributed by Laura Oppermann and Gerald Kent)


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