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The Voice


CC caught the Live Playoff of The Voice and shared with the JMDL.

DaNica Shirey just sang Help Me via coach/producer Pharrell Williams. Pharrell said Help Me has "like 20 gazillion chord changes."

Afterward. Gwen: (looking around audience) "Joni Mitchell is my idol, my sister is here tonight and we both love her and if you are under 20 you have to check out Joni Mitchell. She's a genius."

Adam: "I'm so glad you guys did that. It is so challenging. That is like one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs and you like, you turned Joni Mitchell into Chaka Khan."

Blake: "I've never heard that song, either. But it was like a textbook on how to sing."

@Gwen: We remember the Walden Woods benefit. You and your sister rock!

@Adam: Like we've never seen/heard that before (hee hee)

@Blake: Get a life.

@Pharrell: Please sir, can we have more?

Thank's for The Voice report, CC!

(Contributed by CC)


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