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Absolutely Fabulous

Hell in New Zealand tells us that this episode was the second-to-last of the third series. Eddie and Patsy are getting stoned in the bathroom when Saffie, who has left home to stay at the university hostel, walks in. Patsy needs to pee and is told to use the upstairs bathroom, and she leaves the room: EDDIE: Darling, why don't you come home? SAFFRON: What's the problem? I have my life, you have yours. This is what you wanted. EDDIE: Because I feel orphaned, you know? SAFFRON: What's the matter, has the deal fallen through? EDDIE: Not the deal, not the's just...... SAFFRON: What?! EDDIE: Well darling, you just sort of... you've just sort of abandoned me in this sort of wilderness of potential greatness and fabulousness, haven't you, darling? You know, and all my walls have gone flop, flop, flop, flop. And now I'm just kind of like this kind of prisoner, this released prisoner, darling, walking out into the squinting sun . . . (Patsy re-enters, singing.) PATSY: . . . and the hissing of summer lawns . . . EDDIE: You cast me adrift with no oars, sweetie. SAFFRON: You've got oars. EDDIE: I haven't!!! SAFFRON: You have!!! You're just too lazy and fat to use them!

(Contributed by Helen Adcock)


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