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According to Les Ross in London, on this British TV show, "Contemporary musicians come on and do a song of their own, and then cover the song of some other artist they like."

In an episode which aired on May 15, 2002, Natalie Imbruglia covered Pineapple Head by Crowded House, and was then interviewed by Dermot O'Leary, the show's host:

O'LEARY: Why Crowded House and that song in particular?

IMBRUGLIA: I just love Crowded House and they do great songs to sing along to. I just love them. Even if the song is quite bright and uplifting, it's usually quite emotional lyrics.

O'LEARY: And what about your contemporaries? Is there anyone else you would have like to have covered? Anyone else you considered?

IMBRUGLIA: Um..I like Joni Mitchell. But it would have been scary to tackle one of her songs 'cause she's so amazing. But, um, REM! They're pretty cool! U2 maybe.

(Contributed by Les Ross)


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