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Interview at Ruth Bloom Gallery

Last Call - CBS TV Series , October 24, 1994

Many thanks to Jason Goodman for permission to embed this video on

Last Call host and panelist, Elvis Mitchell, interviews Joni at the Ruth Bloom Art Gallery in Santa Monica, California. Joni talks about the song Sex Kills [Turbulent Indigo] and discusses Billie Holiday and Jimi Hendrix.

Jason Goodman, who photographed and produced this video, captured background and close-up shots of Joni's paintings, including one of Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar. Jason tells

Elvis Mitchell and I were working on a late-night show called "Last Call" for CBS. I remember we were both thrilled beyond belief when Joni agreed to do the interview. That said, it was not the easiest of Interviews. I remember Elvis needing a drink or two right after we finished! I was doing the shooting, and I've always been most proud of the rack focus shot between Joni and her Van Gogh inspired self portrait.

That moment when Elvis was trying to get her to say who a song was about had me scared. I thought she could have bolted right at that minute. But Joni is such a no bull*#%+ artist. I ran into her at [a restaurant] on the Sunset Strip, where she and her dog are regulars. We had a lovely chat, and I reminded her of just that moment. She started talking about how silly it is to ask a poet to reveal the source of the magic, but that she had heard from more than a few "sources" over the years about what it was like to be part of her inspiration. Wish I had that conversation on tape - it was really interesting and cool. I remember driving back up the hill that day thinking life was pretty damn good.

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