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Café Au Go Go, New York, October 26, 1967

Live from the Café Au Go Go in New York City.

My lyrics are influenced by Leonard [Cohen].......We never knew each other in Canada, but after we met at Newport last year we saw a lot of each other. My song Marcie has a lot of him in it... Marcie is a real girl, she lives in London. I used her name, because I wanted a two-syllable name. But I'm the girl in all these songs. - Joni Mitchell

Melody Maker, September 28, 1968

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BeauJangles on

One of the most forlorn and extremely sadly haunting melodies from Joni's first album: Song to a Seagull. It wasn't until Blue was released, before I discovered it. Truly brilliant production by David Crosby, without a doubt. And one of my favorite tracks on the album. Marcie is also a 'dubbed' song here, by the way the timing of the music proceeds. Not a problem for me either... Many songs were 'dubbed' or 'lip-synched' in those days. None the less like the entire LP, is brilliant.

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